Things to do

What should I do tonight? Where should I go for New Years Eve? Is there anything exciting going on this weekend?

Zhongqing Mountain Villa

  Beijing Zhongqing Mountain Villa(also known as Beijing Press and Publication Training Center)is within the tourism resort of Hongluo Moun-tain.It is 53 kilometers from Beijing.Neighbor-ing to Hongl...

Hongluoyuan Manor

  In addition to its bowling hall, billiards, fitness room, games hall, swimming pool, table tennis sauna, karaoke and KTV, the international standard golf course in the hotel offers a new area for f...

Dayanlou Hotel

  Beijing Dayanlou Electricity Supplying Train ing Center is situated at the southern bank of Yanqi Lake.With waters and mountains around the cen ter, it covers an area of 36000 square meters.There a...

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